England vs Bangladesh
Played by Mcf on 07-Apr-2015

England Batting

Captain CookCt Mid On My Modzilla89 (30)
K. SouthafricanLBW Rooball Isagame2 (2)
Jogand TrotNot Out  168 (52)
Been WellNot Out  120 (36)
Rather Goparkin 
Juice Butter 
Eerie Organ 
Grey Goose 
Jim And Son 
Beautiful Sword 
Sendem Broke 
Overs 20.0Total 2/379

Bangladesh Bowling

Rooball Isagame4.0 165
Thekids A Ham3.0 055
Gohuga Gazelle4.0 080
Abducta Yak2.0 033
Madeof Mortar1.0 023
Nosir Imsane2.0 039
My Modzilla4.0 184
Fall Of Wickets

Bangladesh Batting

Time ImaballCt Sq Leg Beautiful Sword17 (7)
Animal HokeyNot Out  185 (66)
Thekids A HamBowled Grey Goose80 (29)
Moustache OnhimNot Out  37 (18)
Never Alamb 
Nosir Imsane 
My Modzilla 
Gohuga Gazelle 
Madeof Mortar 
Abducta Yak 
Rooball Isagame 
Overs 20.0Total 2/319

England Bowling

Jim And Son4.0 040
Beautiful Sword4.0 159
Sendem Broke4.0 067
Rather Goparkin4.0 083
Grey Goose4.0 170
Fall Of Wickets