India vs England
Played by Arjun khanna on 09-Mar-2015

England Batting

Captain CookCt Mid Off Isnt Sharper8 (6)
Jogand TrotBowled Isnt Sharper13 (7)
K. SouthafricanCt Mid On Morhamen Salami1 (2)
Juice ButterBowled Umiss Yadad2 (4)
Sendem BrokeBowled Umiss Yadad7 (8)
Eerie OrganLBW Very Coolma1 (3)
Juicy FruitCt Sq Leg Umiss Yadad2 (2)
Rather GoparkinNot Out  0 (0)
Grey GooseCt Wkt Very Coolma0 (1)
Jim And SonBowled Umiss Yadad1 (4)
Beautiful SwordCt Slip Umiss Yadad2 (2)
Overs 6.3Total 10/37

India Bowling

Isnt Sharper2.0 214
Morhamen Salami2.0 117
Umiss Yadad1.3 55
Very Coolma1.0 21
Fall Of Wickets

India Batting

Finishes QuickNot Out  22 (7)
Gotta GamehereLBW Beautiful Sword10 (3)
Myhensing DailyNot Out  6 (3)
Virus Eccoli 
Sureisa Pain 
Donthit Yamar 
Rather Awin 
Umiss Yadad 
Very Coolma 
Isnt Sharper 
Morhamen Salami 
Overs 2.1Total 1/38

England Bowling

Jim And Son1.1 022
Beautiful Sword1.0 116
Fall Of Wickets