Pakistan vs New Zealand
Played by Sabzwai on 23-Feb-2015

Pakistan Batting

M. HafizCt Mid On Miles Kill29 (11)
Umar AkmalCt Mid Off Might Lendahand1 (4)
Imran NazrCt Sq Leg Might Lendahand0 (1)
Shahid AfridiCt Slip Might Lendahand68 (18)
Ahmed ShahzadBowled Scarey Andsome64 (20)
Hamad AzamNot Out  7 (2)
Junaid KhanLBW Scarey Andsome6 (3)
Abdul RazzaqNot Out  0 (1)
Misbah ul Haq 
M. Amir 
Saeed Ajmal 
Overs 10.0Total 6/175

New Zealand Bowling

Turn South1.0 024
Might Lendahand2.0 313
Scarey Andsome2.0 219
Miles Kill2.0 143
Wayne Killingman1.0 029
Not MeMum1.0 024
Antsare Devilish1.0 023
Fall Of Wickets

New Zealand Batting

Hed RatherafordCt Mid Off M. Amir0 (1)
Antsare DevilishBowled M. Amir4 (2)
Rusty NailerBowled Junaid Khan6 (2)
Wayne KillingmanCt Cover M. Amir6 (2)
Brand MeMumCt Cover Saeed Ajmal35 (17)
Scarey AndsomeCt Wkt M. Hafiz41 (19)
Luk WroncountryNot Out  10 (5)
Not MeMumCt Sq Leg M. Hafiz26 (9)
Miles KillLBW M. Hafiz10 (3)
Turn South 
Might Lendahand 
Overs 10.0Total 8/138

Pakistan Bowling

M. Amir2.0 329
Junaid Khan2.0 123
Saeed Ajmal2.0 128
Abdul Razzaq2.0 023
M. Hafiz2.0 335
Fall Of Wickets