England vs Pakistan
Played by ALAISTER COOK on 21-Feb-2015

England Batting

Captain CookNot Out  238 (73)
K. SouthafricanCt Mid On Seedy Andsmall19 (9)
Jogand TrotBowled Urmas Gud5 (9)
Juicy FruitNot Out  69 (29)
Eerie Organ 
Rather Goparkin 
Juice Butter 
Sendem Broke 
Grey Goose 
Jim And Son 
Beautiful Sword 
Overs 20.0Total 2/331

Pakistan Bowling

Shyand Afraid3.0 058
Seedy Andsmall4.0 143
Urmas Gud4.0 159
Abull Andayak2.0 037
Binawyl Batting3.0 051
Hamerd Witheez1.0 020
Sohes Muchgood3.0 063
Fall Of Wickets

Pakistan Batting

Misand Heel HackCt Mid Off Rather Goparkin0 (1)
Urmas AmuleCt Mid Off Rather Goparkin0 (1)
Hamerd WitheezCt Wkt Rather Goparkin65 (17)
Shyand AfraidCt Cover Sendem Broke6 (3)
Sohes MuchgoodCt Mid Off Sendem Broke2 (3)
Abull AndayakCt Cover Rather Goparkin62 (26)
Nosir JampleaseLBW Rather Goparkin8 (3)
Aimat YadadCt Cover Sendem Broke18 (12)
Urmas GudCt Wkt Rather Goparkin0 (1)
Binawyl BattingCt Slip Grey Goose16 (6)
Seedy AndsmallNot Out  1 (4)
Overs 12.5Total 10/178

England Bowling

Rather Goparkin3.0 638
Sendem Broke3.0 332
Grey Goose1.5 133
Jim And Son3.0 047
Beautiful Sword2.0 028
Fall Of Wickets