India vs New Zealand
Played by anu on 15-Feb-2015

India Batting

Donthit YamarCt Mid On Wayne Killingman44 (21)
Shakiras DamanCt Slip Turn South8 (3)
Virus EccoliLBW Wayne Killingman21 (8)
Yura SingerCt Mid On Might Lendahand41 (24)
Sureisa PainCt Mid Off Miles Kill22 (9)
Havina GudayaCt Wkt Turn South25 (9)
Myhensing DailyNot Out  33 (10)
Rather AwinNot Out  15 (6)
Very Coolma 
Isnt Sharper 
Morhamen Salami 
Overs 15.0Total 6/209

New Zealand Bowling

Turn South3.0 251
Might Lendahand2.0 129
Not MeMum1.0 019
Miles Kill3.0 141
Wayne Killingman3.0 226
Scarey Andsome1.0 015
Antsare Devilish2.0 028
Fall Of Wickets

New Zealand Batting

Hed RatherafordNot Out  105 (45)
Antsare DevilishCt Wkt Isnt Sharper33 (15)
Rusty NailerNot Out  61 (30)
Wayne Killingman 
Brand MeMum 
Scarey Andsome 
Luk Wroncountry 
Not MeMum 
Miles Kill 
Turn South 
Might Lendahand 
Overs 15.0Total 1/199

India Bowling

Morhamen Salami3.0 048
Isnt Sharper3.0 138
Very Coolma3.0 033
Rather Awin3.0 039
Havina Gudaya2.0 026
Sureisa Pain1.0 015
Fall Of Wickets