Chennai vs Rajasthan
Played by Asim on 08-Dec-2014

Rajasthan Batting

Wayne ShotsonCt Cover Assista Nailer1 (7)
Sonu HandsomeCt Wkt Myhits Sharper0 (1)
Noone CaresCt Wkt Myhits Sharper4 (2)
Bred HotCt Mid Off Rather Awin7 (3)
Jimmy KniferCt Wkt Assista Nailer0 (4)
Astinky RainCt Cover Myhits Sharper2 (5)
Comeon CroupierCt Mid Off Havina Gudaya0 (1)
Illbea NeigherLBW Assista Nailer8 (9)
Turn SouthCt Mid On Myhits Sharper0 (1)
Hanky SharpenerCt Wkt Rather Awin2 (3)
Chile ConcarneNot Out  1 (1)
Overs 6.1Total 10/25

Chennai Bowling

Myhits Sharper2.0 418
Rather Awin1.1 20
Assista Nailer2.0 35
Havina Gudaya1.0 12
Fall Of Wickets

Chennai Batting

Sureisa PainCt Mid Off Jimmy Knifer8 (5)
Myhensing DailyBowled Turn South8 (6)
Daffy PleasuresNot Out  9 (5)
Havina GudayaNot Out  2 (1)
Devils Myth 
Shesa Hussey 
Brain Drama 
Rather Awin 
Myhits Sharper 
Issuea Bandaid 
Assista Nailer 
Overs 2.5Total 2/27

Rajasthan Bowling

Jimmy Knifer1.5 113
Turn South1.0 114
Fall Of Wickets