India vs South Africa
Played by Saurav gautam on 06-Jun-2014

India Batting

Virus EccoliCt Cover Iam Philanderous1 (3)
Yura SingerBowled Stale Dane0 (1)
Donthit YamarCt Cover Stale Dane12 (4)
Gotta GamehereCt Mid Off Marine Snorkel4 (4)
Sureisa PainCt Mid Off Marine Snorkel2 (4)
Havina GudayaBowled Marine Snorkel0 (1)
Myhensing DailyNot Out  16 (9)
Rather AwinLBW Jackie Calls7 (5)
Isnt SharperCt Cover Jackie Calls0 (2)
Morhamen SalamiLBW Jackie Calls0 (1)
Umiss YadadBowled Stale Dane11 (7)
Overs 6.5Total 10/53

South Africa Bowling

Stale Dane1.5 317
Iam Philanderous1.0 15
Marine Snorkel2.0 37
John Botham1.0 017
Jackie Calls1.0 37
Fall Of Wickets

South Africa Batting

Gray SmithereensCt Sq Leg Isnt Sharper4 (7)
Ali PetersBowled Umiss Yadad5 (9)
Asish HamletLBW Umiss Yadad0 (1)
Jackie CallsCt Cover Umiss Yadad0 (1)
Daffy PleasuresBowled Morhamen Salami3 (3)
DB AilersBowled Isnt Sharper3 (3)
Allbe MorgulsBowled Morhamen Salami4 (2)
John BothamBowled Isnt Sharper0 (1)
Iam PhilanderousBowled Umiss Yadad6 (4)
Stale DaneNot Out  1 (1)
Marine SnorkelLBW Umiss Yadad0 (1)
Overs 5.3Total 10/26

India Bowling

Morhamen Salami2.0 213
Isnt Sharper2.0 37
Umiss Yadad1.3 56
Fall Of Wickets