England vs New Zealand
Played by Mani on 25-Nov-2014

New Zealand Batting

Hed RatherafordCt Sq Leg Jim And Son8 (5)
Antsare DevilishLBW Jim And Son43 (28)
Rusty NailerLBW Grey Goose0 (1)
Wayne KillingmanCt Slip Jim And Son4 (5)
Brand MeMumBowled Jim And Son25 (16)
Scarey AndsomeLBW Jim And Son0 (1)
Luk WroncountryLBW Jim And Son2 (6)
Not MeMumLBW Jim And Son0 (1)
Miles KillCt Slip Jim And Son1 (2)
Turn SouthCt Wkt Grey Goose5 (5)
Might LendahandNot Out  0 (0)
Overs 11.4Total 10/88

England Bowling

Jogand Trot1.0 010
Jim And Son4.0 824
Grey Goose3.4 216
Juicy Fruit2.0 027
K. Southafrican1.0 011
Fall Of Wickets

England Batting

Sendem BrokeCt Mid Off Turn South40 (16)
Juice ButterCt Cover Might Lendahand1 (2)
Grey GooseCt Cover Might Lendahand17 (17)
Jim And SonCt Wkt Turn South12 (8)
Beautiful SwordCt Slip Might Lendahand2 (4)
Rather GoparkinNot Out  12 (4)
Eerie OrganNot Out  6 (1)
Captain Cook 
K. Southafrican 
Jogand Trot 
Juicy Fruit 
Overs 8.4Total 5/90

New Zealand Bowling

Turn South4.0 237
Might Lendahand4.0 341
Miles Kill0.4 012
Fall Of Wickets