England vs Pakistan
Played by dravid on 20-Sep-2014

England Batting

Captain CookCt Mid Off Seedy Andsmall0 (1)
K. SouthafricanLBW Seedy Andsmall5 (3)
Jogand TrotCt Slip Shyand Afraid5 (3)
Juicy FruitCt Wkt Hamerd Witheez9 (12)
Eerie OrganLBW Binawyl Batting2 (3)
Rather GoparkinCt Wkt Hamerd Witheez5 (3)
Juice ButterBowled Binawyl Batting17 (9)
Sendem BrokeBowled Binawyl Batting0 (1)
Grey GooseNot Out  10 (8)
Jim And SonCt Mid Wkt Seedy Andsmall31 (9)
Beautiful SwordCt Cover Seedy Andsmall17 (7)
Overs 9.5Total 10/101

Pakistan Bowling

Seedy Andsmall2.5 437
Shyand Afraid2.0 121
Binawyl Batting3.0 330
Hamerd Witheez2.0 213
Fall Of Wickets

Pakistan Batting

Misand Heel HackNot Out  31 (29)
Urmas AmuleCt Wkt Jim And Son1 (2)
Hamerd WitheezCt Wkt Beautiful Sword4 (2)
Shyand AfraidCt Wkt Jim And Son4 (4)
Sohes MuchgoodCt Mid Off Beautiful Sword1 (5)
Abull AndayakCt Mid Off Grey Goose0 (1)
Nosir JampleaseLBW Sendem Broke1 (2)
Aimat YadadLBW Sendem Broke6 (5)
Urmas GudLBW Jim And Son8 (6)
Binawyl BattingBowled Rather Goparkin5 (7)
Seedy AndsmallBowled Rather Goparkin0 (3)
Overs 11.0Total 10/61

England Bowling

Jim And Son3.0 312
Beautiful Sword3.0 222
Grey Goose2.0 122
Sendem Broke2.0 25
Rather Goparkin1.0 20
Fall Of Wickets