Pakistan vs South Africa
Played by Abz on 11-Aug-2014

South Africa Batting

Hashim AmlaNot Out  89 (38)
Jack KallisCt Wkt Anas Ahmed32 (10)
AB De VillersCt Cover Shahid Afridi33 (11)
JP DuminyCt Mid On Shahid Afridi3 (3)
Faf Du PlessisCt Wkt Shahid Afridi0 (1)
Alvivo PitersonCt Mid Off Abeer Ahmed74 (24)
Vernon PhilnderNot Out  13 (3)
Gramme Smith 
Albie Morkal 
Dale Steyn 
Morne Morkal 
Overs 15.0Total 5/244

Pakistan Bowling

Bilawal Bhatti1.0 019
Umar Gul2.0 026
Anas Ahmed3.0 154
Abeer Ahmed3.0 155
Shahid Afridi3.0 347
Saeed Ajmal3.0 043
Fall Of Wickets

Pakistan Batting

Abeer AhmedBowled Dale Steyn54 (24)
Anas AhmedCt Wkt Albie Morkal67 (22)
Umar AkmalCt Mid Off Albie Morkal0 (1)
Shahid AfridiNot Out  105 (23)
Ahmed ShehzadNot Out  21 (9)
Nasir Jamshed 
Mohammed Hafeez 
Abdul Razzaq 
Bilawal Bhatti 
Umar Gul 
Saeed Ajmal 
Overs 13.1Total 3/247

South Africa Bowling

Vernon Philnder2.1 030
Dale Steyn3.0 154
Morne Morkal1.0 018
Albie Morkal3.0 256
Jack Kallis3.0 064
JP Duminy1.0 025
Fall Of Wickets