England vs Bangladesh
Played by triniswiss on 31-May-2020

England Batting

Captain CookCt Cover Rooball Isagame13 (9)
K. SouthafricanBowled Gohuga Gazelle114 (56)
Jogand TrotLBW Thekids A Ham0 (1)
Juicy FruitCt Mid Off Gohuga Gazelle61 (24)
Eerie OrganLBW Rooball Isagame61 (21)
Rather GoparkinNot Out  21 (9)
Juice Butter 
Sendem Broke 
Grey Goose 
Jim And Son 
Beautiful Sword 
Overs 20.0Total 5/270

Bangladesh Bowling

Rooball Isagame4.0 223
Thekids A Ham3.0 150
Abducta Yak4.0 046
Madeof Mortar1.0 013
Nosir Imsane1.0 022
Gohuga Gazelle4.0 250
My Modzilla3.0 066
Fall Of Wickets

Bangladesh Batting

Time ImaballCt Cover Beautiful Sword21 (11)
Animal HokeyCt Wkt Beautiful Sword0 (2)
Thekids A HamBowled Beautiful Sword2 (2)
Moustache OnhimBowled Jim And Son6 (3)
Never AlambCt Wkt Beautiful Sword8 (3)
Nosir ImsaneCt Sq Leg Jim And Son0 (1)
My ModzillaCt Sq Leg Beautiful Sword0 (1)
Gohuga GazelleBowled Beautiful Sword4 (2)
Madeof MortarCt Slip Jim And Son0 (3)
Abducta YakNot Out  2 (2)
Rooball IsagameCt Sq Leg Beautiful Sword2 (3)
Overs 5.3Total 10/45

England Bowling

Jim And Son3.0 335
Beautiful Sword2.3 710
Fall Of Wickets