India vs West Indies
Played by mehul on 30-Jul-2014

India Batting

Shakiras DamanNot Out  113 (36)
Donthit YamarCt Sq Leg Marrysome Mules35 (15)
Virus EccoliNot Out  18 (9)
Yura Singer 
Sureisa Pain 
Havina Gudaya 
Finishes Quick 
Isnt Sharper 
Very Coolma 
Ama Mishitter 
Rather Awin 
Overs 10.0Total 1/166

West Indies Bowling

Keepa Roach2.0 026
Sunny Marine2.0 030
Brain Drama1.0 017
Very Ample2.0 030
Keyring Polka1.0 018
Dunna Hammy1.0 030
Marrysome Mules1.0 115
Fall Of Wickets

West Indies Batting

Gail ForceCt Mid Off Rather Awin9 (8)
Kind PalCt Wkt Ama Mishitter11 (6)
Marrysome MulesCt Cover Very Coolma16 (6)
Damans BraveyoCt Slip Very Coolma0 (1)
Keyring PolkaCt Mid Off Very Coolma0 (1)
Brain DramaBowled Rather Awin31 (15)
Benda SummonsCt Wkt Very Coolma6 (3)
Dunna HammyBowled Very Coolma0 (1)
Keepa RoachCt Wkt Very Coolma0 (1)
Sunny MarineCt Slip Donthit Yamar21 (10)
Very AmpleNot Out  4 (1)
Overs 8.5Total 10/98

India Bowling

Sureisa Pain1.0 09
Ama Mishitter1.0 19
Rather Awin1.5 218
Very Coolma2.0 619
Isnt Sharper1.0 012
Yura Singer1.0 014
Donthit Yamar1.0 117
Fall Of Wickets