Sri Lanka vs West Indies
Played by triniswiss on 30-Aug-2018

West Indies Batting

Gail ForceCt Wkt Massive Slinger0 (2)
Kind PalCt Slip Uwana Culsekret1 (2)
Marrysome MulesCt Cover Massive Slinger0 (2)
Damans BraveyoCt Slip Massive Slinger0 (1)
Keyring PolkaCt Slip Uwana Culsekret5 (4)
Brain DramaCt Sq Leg Massive Slinger1 (2)
Benda SummonsBowled Massive Slinger3 (5)
Dunna HammyCt Slip Uwana Culsekret2 (3)
Keepa RoachLBW Uwana Culsekret0 (1)
Sunny MarineNot Out  0 (3)
Very AmpleCt Cover Massive Slinger0 (1)
Overs 4.2Total 10/12

Sri Lanka Bowling

Massive Slinger2.2 64
Uwana Culsekret2.0 48
Fall Of Wickets

Sri Lanka Batting

Dim CarrotNot Out  13 (3)
Tillda FieldsonNot Out  1 (2)
Urma Sangacarol 
Jailer Wardenas 
Dineon Candyma 
Angel Shortfuse 
Heroon Thiamin 
Uwana Culsekret 
Sucha Stryka 
Raging Hero 
Massive Slinger 
Overs 0.5Total 0/14

West Indies Bowling

Keepa Roach0.5 014
Fall Of Wickets