Hobart vs Brisbane
Played by royal on 31-Mar-2018

Hobart Batting

Been DunkinNot Out  155 (53)
All HailNot Out  243 (67)
Dim Pain 
Gorge Daily 
Jogging Well 
Dunna Hammy 
Ever Gulping 
You Meanie 
Showin Malice 
Comeon Boys 
Havea Dopey 
Overs 20.0Total 0/398

Brisbane Bowling

Donea Victory4.0 049
Bowla Spaghetti3.0 064
Liein Dafield2.0 050
Games Hope3.0 061
Been Chopping3.0 066
Andhe Sitsoff1.0 022
Dan Catholic4.0 086
Fall Of Wickets

Brisbane Batting

Crease LeanLBW Dunna Hammy0 (1)
Nice RearsonBowled Comeon Boys20 (9)
Been ChoppingCt Cover Havea Dopey37 (10)
Simmering MiloCt Cover Havea Dopey19 (10)
Dan CatholicCt Cover You Meanie10 (8)
Andhe SitsoffCt Mid Off You Meanie60 (21)
Games HopeCt Cover You Meanie0 (1)
Games HeresonCt Slip Havea Dopey0 (2)
Donea VictoryLBW Comeon Boys34 (7)
Bowla SpaghettiLBW You Meanie6 (2)
Liein DafieldNot Out  0 (0)
Overs 11.5Total 10/186

Hobart Bowling

Dunna Hammy2.0 123
Comeon Boys4.0 263
Havea Dopey3.0 357
You Meanie2.5 443
Fall Of Wickets