Pakistan vs India
Played by Ali Nats on 03-May-2017

India Batting

JamsnedCt Cover Abull Andayak10 (10)
Shakiras DamanCt Slip Hamerd Witheez1 (2)
Virus EccoliCt Cover Shyand Afraid2 (5)
Yura SingerCt Sq Leg Shyand Afraid7 (6)
Sureisa PainCt Cover Shyand Afraid0 (1)
Havina GudayaCt Wkt Shyand Afraid1 (3)
Myhensing DailyBowled Junior Can0 (1)
Rather AwinLBW Junior Can6 (9)
Very CoolmaBowled Junior Can1 (3)
Isnt SharperCt Wkt Shyand Afraid1 (2)
Morhamen SalamiNot Out  0 (1)
Overs 7.1Total 10/29

Pakistan Bowling

Hamerd Witheez2.0 19
Abull Andayak1.0 19
Shyand Afraid2.1 57
Junior Can2.0 34
Fall Of Wickets

Pakistan Batting

Allhail ThebeerCt Cover Morhamen Salami4 (3)
Nosir JampleaseCt Wkt Morhamen Salami14 (8)
Hamerd WitheezNot Out  8 (3)
Binawyl BattingNot Out  5 (3)
Aimat Yadad 
Urmas Amule 
Showin Malick 
Misand Heel Hack 
Abull Andayak 
Shyand Afraid 
Junior Can 
Overs 2.5Total 2/31

India Bowling

Morhamen Salami1.5 214
Isnt Sharper1.0 017
Fall Of Wickets