India vs New Zealand
Played by vikas Dange Dea on 01-Apr-2017

New Zealand Batting

Hed RatherafordCt Wkt Finishes Quick47 (20)
Antsare DevilishCt Cover Very Coolma43 (16)
Rusty NailerNot Out  139 (48)
Wayne KillingmanCt Wkt Finishes Quick30 (11)
Brand MeMumCt Wkt vikas Dange Deaf44 (17)
Scarey AndsomeCt Slip Sureisa Pain12 (7)
Luk WroncountryCt Mid Off Sureisa Pain0 (1)
Not MeMum 
Miles Kill 
Turn South 
Might Lendahand 
Overs 20.0Total 6/315

India Bowling

vikas Dange Deaf4.0 139
Donthit Yamar1.0 020
Finishes Quick4.0 256
Very Coolma3.0 148
Umiss Yadad2.0 039
Morhamen Salami3.0 062
Rather Awin1.0 019
Sureisa Pain2.0 232
Fall Of Wickets

India Batting

Donthit YamarLBW Scarey Andsome43 (18)
Shakiras DamanCt Mid Off Miles Kill20 (13)
Virus EccoliCt Mid On Miles Kill82 (27)
vikas Dange DeafBowled Scarey Andsome14 (4)
Sureisa PainCt Sq Leg Antsare Devilish41 (14)
Finishes QuickNot Out  53 (20)
Myhensing DailyNot Out  66 (20)
Rather Awin 
Very Coolma 
Umiss Yadad 
Morhamen Salami 
Overs 19.2Total 5/319

New Zealand Bowling

Turn South3.2 052
Might Lendahand3.0 041
Miles Kill4.0 265
Not MeMum2.0 039
Wayne Killingman1.0 024
Scarey Andsome2.0 237
Antsare Devilish4.0 161
Fall Of Wickets