India vs England
Played by RD on 26-Dec-2016

England Batting

Captain CookCt Slip Mohit Sharma26 (17)
Jogand TrotBowled Mohit Sharma6 (8)
K. SouthafricanLBW Mohit Sharma0 (2)
Juice ButterLBW Mohit Sharma0 (1)
Sendem BrokeCt Wkt Mohit Sharma0 (1)
Eerie OrganCt Cover RD10 (3)
Juicy FruitCt Mid Off Mohit Sharma1 (2)
Rather GoparkinCt Cover Ashish Nehra34 (22)
Grey GooseNot Out  27 (16)
Jim And SonCt Slip R Ashwin3 (4)
Beautiful SwordCt Slip Hardik Pandya7 (4)
Overs 13.2Total 10/114

India Bowling

RD3.0 126
Ashish Nehra3.0 131
Mohit Sharma3.0 615
Ravindra Jadeja1.0 015
R Ashwin2.0 118
Hardik Pandya1.2 19
Fall Of Wickets

India Batting

Ajinkya Rahane Not Out  81 (27)
Rohit SharmaLBW Jim And Son21 (18)
Virat KohliCt Mid On Jim And Son0 (1)
RDNot Out  14 (5)
MS Dhoni 
Suresh Raina 
Hardik Pandya 
Ravindra Jadeja 
R Ashwin 
Mohit Sharma 
Ashish Nehra 
Overs 8.3Total 2/116

England Bowling

Jim And Son3.0 241
Beautiful Sword3.0 029
Grey Goose2.0 038
Sendem Broke0.3 08
Fall Of Wickets