Bangladesh vs West Indies
Played by Md Shah Alam on 13-Dec-2016

West Indies Batting

Gail ForceCt Cover Masrafe ben mort10 (6)
Kind PalCt Cover Taskin1 (2)
Marrysome MulesCt Cover Taskin1 (2)
Damans BraveyoCt Mid Off Taskin18 (12)
Keyring PolkaLBW mostafez11 (7)
Brain DramaBowled mostafez27 (17)
Benda SummonsLBW shaqb all hassan0 (1)
Dunna HammyLBW shaqb all hassan0 (2)
Keepa RoachCt Wkt shaqb all hassan0 (1)
Sunny MarineBowled shaqb all hassan2 (2)
Very AmpleNot Out  7 (7)
Overs 9.5Total 10/77

Bangladesh Bowling

Masrafe ben mort3.0 126
Taskin2.0 315
mostafez1.5 211
Shfull islam2.0 023
shaqb all hassan1.0 42
Fall Of Wickets

Bangladesh Batting

Imrul Ct Mid Off Sunny Marine27 (12)
AsrafulNot Out  51 (13)
Shfull islamNot Out  0 (0)
Masrafe ben mort 
shaqb all hassan 
Nasir hossin 
nurul hassan 
sabbir rahman 
Overs 4.1Total 1/78

West Indies Bowling

Keepa Roach2.1 042
Sunny Marine2.0 136
Fall Of Wickets