England vs Pakistan
Played by Ixee on 06-Oct-2016

England Batting

John HicksCt Mid Off Binawyl Batting27 (10)
Alex HalesLBW Binawyl Batting11 (5)
Ben StokesCt Mid Off Abull Andayak5 (7)
Joe RootNot Out  110 (41)
Jonny BairstowNot Out  191 (57)
Jos Buttler 
Moeen Ali 
Chris Woakes 
Adil Rashid 
Stuart Broad 
Jimmy Anderson 
Overs 20.0Total 3/344

Pakistan Bowling

Binawyl Batting4.0 256
Seedy Andsmall4.0 073
Abull Andayak2.0 138
Shyand Afraid1.0 021
Urmas Gud1.0 021
Hamerd Witheez4.0 065
Sohes Muchgood4.0 070
Fall Of Wickets

Pakistan Batting

Shyand AfraidLBW Jimmy Anderson4 (3)
Urmas AmuleLBW Stuart Broad4 (3)
Misand Heel HackCt Wkt Stuart Broad3 (5)
Sohes MuchgoodCt Slip Jimmy Anderson7 (5)
Hamerd WitheezBowled Jimmy Anderson0 (1)
Aimat YadadBowled Jimmy Anderson23 (11)
Nosir JampleaseBowled Stuart Broad0 (3)
Abull AndayakCt Cover Stuart Broad2 (3)
Urmas GudLBW Stuart Broad0 (1)
Binawyl BattingCt Mid Off Jimmy Anderson17 (5)
Seedy AndsmallNot Out  0 (0)
Overs 6.4Total 10/60

England Bowling

Jimmy Anderson3.4 543
Stuart Broad3.0 517
Fall Of Wickets