Melbourne Red vs Hobart
Played by Raqib gujjar on 01-Aug-2016

Melbourne Red Batting

Raqib gujjarNot Out  297 (92)
mudassar gujjarCt Mid On Havea Dopey55 (27)
Rana usamaNot Out  0 (1)
Noman dogar 
Atif dogar 
Rana humza 
Waqas gujjar 
Husnain gujjar 
Waqar dogar 
Waqas dogar 
Overs 20.0Total 1/352

Hobart Bowling

Comeon Boys4.0 060
Havea Dopey4.0 159
You Meanie4.0 073
Been Inahouse2.0 040
Dunna Hammy2.0 036
Ever Gulping1.0 017
Jogging Well3.0 067
Fall Of Wickets

Hobart Batting

Been DunkinBowled Waqas dogar34 (18)
All HailNot Out  177 (55)
Dim PainCt Slip Waqar dogar44 (15)
Gorge DailyCt Slip Waqar dogar15 (9)
Jogging WellNot Out  86 (23)
Dunna Hammy 
Ever Gulping 
You Meanie 
Been Inahouse 
Comeon Boys 
Havea Dopey 
Overs 20.0Total 3/356

Melbourne Red Bowling

Raqib gujjar4.0 067
Waqas dogar4.0 171
mudassar gujjar4.0 067
Waqar dogar4.0 269
Rana usama2.0 047
Husnain gujjar2.0 035
Fall Of Wickets