Pakistan vs West Indies
Played by moosa on 30-Jul-2016

West Indies Batting

Gail ForceCt Mid Off Misand Heel Hack129 (44)
Kind PalNot Out  130 (43)
Marrysome MulesNot Out  5 (3)
Damans Braveyo 
Keyring Polka 
Brain Drama 
Benda Summons 
Dunna Hammy 
Keepa Roach 
Sunny Marine 
Very Ample 
Overs 15.0Total 1/264

Pakistan Bowling

moosa Afraid3.0 063
Hamerd Witheez2.0 040
Abull Andayak3.0 034
Misand Heel Hack2.0 136
Seedy Andsmall1.0 014
Sohes Muchgood2.0 040
Aimat Yadad1.0 024
Urmas Amule1.0 013
Fall Of Wickets

Pakistan Batting

moosa AfraidNot Out  138 (46)
Aimat YadadCt Mid Off Keyring Polka12 (7)
Hamerd WitheezLBW Keyring Polka20 (5)
Sohes MuchgoodCt Cover Dunna Hammy41 (14)
Misand Heel HackNot Out  59 (17)
Urmas Amule 
Nosir Jamplease 
Abull Andayak 
Seedy Andsmall 
Urmas Gud 
Binawyl Batting 
Overs 14.5Total 3/270

West Indies Bowling

Sunny Marine3.0 052
Keepa Roach2.5 050
Keyring Polka2.0 243
Brain Drama1.0 020
Very Ample3.0 062
Dunna Hammy3.0 143
Fall Of Wickets