Perth vs Melbourne Green
Played by annu on 19-May-2016

Perth Batting

My CarbeerNot Out  28 (12)
Mighty ClangerCt Cover Whacksum Birds63 (17)
Shaun SwampNot Out  1 (1)
Marryin Paris 
Ash Cigar 
Asure Turner 
Hitta Carright 
Thas Gonnamile 
Yousure Arefat 
Watta Sixson 
Justa Beerscoff 
Overs 5.0Total 1/92

Melbourne Green Bowling

Gone Hastily1.0 023
My Beer1.0 014
Jimmy Knifer1.0 034
Gotta Bowlin1.0 012
Whacksum Birds1.0 19
Fall Of Wickets

Melbourne Green Batting

Gameon RightNot Out  49 (14)
Look RightNot Out  45 (16)
K Southafrican 
Glen Batswell 
Sheesa Hussey 
Jimmy Knifer 
Tom Hitit 
Gone Hastily 
Gotta Bowlin 
Whacksum Birds 
My Beer 
Overs 5.0Total 0/94

Perth Bowling

Justa Beerscoff1.0 09
Watta Sixson1.0 021
Yousure Arefat1.0 016
Thas Gonnamile1.0 026
Hitta Carright1.0 022
Fall Of Wickets