Pakistan vs England
Played by islam on 01-May-2016

England Batting

Captain CookLBW Shyand Afraid0 (1)
Jogand TrotCt Mid Off Shyand Afraid0 (1)
K. SouthafricanBowled Shyand Afraid0 (1)
Juice ButterCt Wkt Shyand Afraid1 (3)
Sendem BrokeLBW Seedy Andsmall0 (1)
Eerie OrganLBW Allhail Thebeer23 (25)
Juicy FruitCt Cover Shyand Afraid4 (4)
Rather GoparkinCt Cover Shyand Afraid1 (2)
Grey GooseNot Out  22 (15)
Jim And SonCt Cover Urmas Gud3 (7)
Beautiful Sword 
Overs 10.0Total 9/54

Pakistan Bowling

Shyand Afraid2.0 64
Seedy Andsmall2.0 113
Binawyl Batting1.0 02
Allhail Thebeer2.0 122
Showin Malice1.0 03
Abull Andayak1.0 08
Urmas Gud1.0 12
Fall Of Wickets

Pakistan Batting

Aimat YadadBowled Beautiful Sword1 (2)
Abull AndayakCt Sq Leg Jim And Son5 (3)
Sohes MuchgoodNot Out  23 (15)
Misand Heel HackCt Wkt Beautiful Sword16 (7)
Showin MaliceNot Out  10 (13)
Nosir Jamplease 
Shyand Afraid 
Allhail Thebeer 
Binawyl Batting 
Urmas Gud 
Seedy Andsmall 
Overs 6.4Total 3/55

England Bowling

Beautiful Sword2.0 220
Jim And Son2.0 119
Grey Goose1.4 013
Sendem Broke1.0 03
Fall Of Wickets