Pakistan vs New Zealand
Played by Ali Nats on 01-May-2016

New Zealand Batting

Hed RatherafordBowled Showin Malick12 (4)
Antsare DevilishCt Cover Junior Can0 (1)
Rusty NailerCt Wkt Showin Malick0 (1)
Wayne KillingmanLBW Hamerd Witheez33 (19)
Brand MeMumCt Slip Binawyl Batting14 (8)
Scarey AndsomeBowled Binawyl Batting0 (2)
Luk WroncountryBowled Binawyl Batting0 (1)
Not MeMumCt Wkt Hamerd Witheez14 (11)
Miles KillBowled Shyand Afraid8 (4)
Turn SouthNot Out  8 (3)
Might LendahandCt Cover Shyand Afraid0 (2)
Overs 9.2Total 10/89

Pakistan Bowling

Showin Malick1.0 214
Junior Can2.0 124
Anyones Alley1.0 012
Binawyl Batting2.0 320
Hamerd Witheez2.0 216
Shyand Afraid1.2 23
Fall Of Wickets

Pakistan Batting

Hamerd WitheezBowled Turn South19 (12)
Misand Heel HackCt Cover Might Lendahand1 (2)
Allhail ThebeerCt Cover Might Lendahand15 (11)
Nosir JampleaseCt Mid Off Might Lendahand25 (8)
Shyand AfraidNot Out  4 (3)
Urmas AmuleNot Out  27 (6)
Aimat Yadad 
Showin Malick 
Binawyl Batting 
Anyones Alley 
Junior Can 
Overs 7.0Total 4/91

New Zealand Bowling

Turn South3.0 138
Might Lendahand3.0 330
Miles Kill1.0 023
Fall Of Wickets