India vs West Indies
Played by happy on 16-Feb-2016

West Indies Batting

Gail ForceCt Mid Off Morhamen Salami6 (6)
Kind PalCt Wkt Isnt Sharper3 (3)
Marrysome MulesBowled Isnt Sharper7 (5)
Damans BraveyoBowled Very Coolma4 (4)
Keyring PolkaCt Slip Morhamen Salami6 (5)
Brain DramaCt Cover Isnt Sharper4 (2)
Benda SummonsLBW Morhamen Salami21 (13)
Dunna HammyCt Mid Off Finishes Quick16 (8)
Keepa RoachNot Out  9 (3)
Sunny MarineCt Wkt Very Coolma6 (4)
Very AmpleCt Wkt Very Coolma0 (1)
Overs 9.0Total 10/82

India Bowling

Morhamen Salami3.0 329
Isnt Sharper3.0 331
Very Coolma2.0 38
Finishes Quick1.0 114
Fall Of Wickets

India Batting

Donthit YamarCt Cover Keepa Roach49 (19)
Shakiras DamanNot Out  25 (10)
Very CoolmaCt Wkt Sunny Marine1 (2)
Finishes QuickLBW Sunny Marine0 (1)
Gotta GamehereNot Out  10 (2)
Yura Singer 
Sureisa Pain 
Umiss Yadad 
Myhensing Daily 
Isnt Sharper 
Morhamen Salami 
Overs 5.4Total 3/85

West Indies Bowling

Keepa Roach3.0 146
Sunny Marine2.4 239
Fall Of Wickets