England vs Australia
Played by Ixee on 11-Feb-2016

Australia Batting

Dave CowboyCt Cover Jimmy Anderson2 (2)
Angus FilchCt Wkt Stuart Broad6 (4)
Wayne ShotsonBowled Jimmy Anderson0 (1)
My ClerkCt Wkt Jimmy Anderson2 (2)
Gorge DailyCt Slip Jimmy Anderson1 (3)
Glen BatswellCt Wkt Jimmy Anderson5 (4)
Hada BradmanCt Cover Jimmy Anderson2 (5)
Jimmy KniferLBW Stuart Broad2 (3)
Thas Gonna-MileCt Wkt Jimmy Anderson4 (3)
Hairy RhinoCt Slip Jimmy Anderson0 (1)
Havea DopeyNot Out  1 (2)
Overs 5.0Total 10/25

England Bowling

Jimmy Anderson3.0 813
Stuart Broad2.0 212
Fall Of Wickets

England Batting

John HicksNot Out  11 (3)
Jimmy AndersonNot Out  15 (5)
Alex Hayles 
Joe Root 
Jos Buttler 
Ben Stokes 
Ian Bell 
Moeen Ali 
Adil Rashid 
Martin Wood 
Stuart Broad 
Overs 1.2Total 0/26

Australia Bowling

Hairy Rhino1.0 020
Havea Dopey0.2 06
Fall Of Wickets