Melbourne Green vs Melbourne Red
Played by t on 08-Feb-2016

Melbourne Green Batting

Gameon RightNot Out  145 (48)
Look RightNot Out  135 (42)
K Southafrican 
Starkers Moins 
Sheesa Hussey 
Jimmy Knifer 
Looka Fieldman 
Gone Hastily 
Gotta Bowlin 
Whacksum Birds 
My Beer 
Overs 15.0Total 0/280

Melbourne Red Bowling

Seat Pedal3.0 027
Game Batterson2.0 043
Handy Hussler3.0 061
Forward Army1.0 030
Barren Andcryin1.0 019
Brain Drama3.0 049
Angus Filch2.0 051
Fall Of Wickets

Melbourne Red Batting

Angus FilchNot Out  122 (40)
Watta MaidCt Cover Whacksum Birds28 (9)
Callem FurrysonLBW Gone Hastily11 (7)
Bomb TrooperBowled Jimmy Knifer13 (8)
Brain DramaCt Wkt My Beer42 (15)
Handy HusslerBowled Whacksum Birds15 (6)
Big RoarerNot Out  13 (5)
Barren Andcryin 
Game Batterson 
Seat Pedal 
Forward Army 
Overs 15.0Total 5/244

Melbourne Green Bowling

My Beer3.0 146
Gone Hastily3.0 142
Starkers Moins2.0 035
Whacksum Birds2.0 214
Gotta Bowlin2.0 026
Looka Fieldman1.0 028
Jimmy Knifer2.0 153
Fall Of Wickets