Melbourne Green vs Perth
Played by t on 28-Jan-2016

Perth Batting

Marryin ParisCt Wkt My Beer4 (2)
Mighty ClangerCt Slip Whacksum Birds0 (1)
My CarbeerCt Cover Whacksum Birds13 (5)
Outof VogueCt Wkt Whacksum Birds0 (1)
Ash CigarCt Slip Gotta Bowlin2 (3)
Asure TurnerNot Out  7 (7)
Some FlightmanLBW Gotta Bowlin0 (1)
Thas GonnamileLBW Gone Hastily2 (3)
Yousure ArefatLBW Gone Hastily0 (1)
Justa BeerscoffCt Cover My Beer4 (3)
Mamas MorefedCt Wkt My Beer0 (1)
Overs 4.4Total 10/32

Melbourne Green Bowling

My Beer1.4 322
Whacksum Birds1.0 31
Gotta Bowlin1.0 24
Gone Hastily1.0 25
Fall Of Wickets

Melbourne Green Batting

Gameon RightCt Wkt Yousure Arefat10 (6)
Look RightCt Slip Justa Beerscoff16 (8)
K SouthafricanCt Mid On Justa Beerscoff1 (3)
Sheesa HusseyNot Out  8 (4)
Starkers MoinsNot Out  1 (1)
Jimmy Knifer 
Looka Fieldman 
Gone Hastily 
Gotta Bowlin 
Whacksum Birds 
My Beer 
Overs 3.4Total 3/36

Perth Bowling

Justa Beerscoff2.0 220
Yousure Arefat1.4 116
Fall Of Wickets