India vs South Africa
Played by ranu on 14-Jan-2016

India Batting

Donthit YamarBowled Thats Callous57 (22)
Gotta GamehereCt Cover John Botham62 (22)
Virus EccoliBowled Allbe Morguls28 (12)
Yura SingerCt Mid On John Botham70 (19)
Sureisa PainNot Out  59 (21)
Myhensing DailyCt Mid Off Marine Snorkel3 (5)
Rather AwinCt Slip Stale Dane41 (17)
Umiss YadadNot Out  6 (2)
Very Coolma 
Isnt Sharper 
Morhamen Salami 
Overs 20.0Total 6/326

South Africa Bowling

Iam Philanderous3.0 049
Stale Dane4.0 159
Marine Snorkel3.0 139
Allbe Morguls3.0 156
John Botham3.0 254
Thats Callous4.0 169
Fall Of Wickets

South Africa Batting

Gray SmithereensBowled Morhamen Salami5 (4)
Ali PetersCt Mid Off Morhamen Salami0 (2)
Asish HamletCt Wkt Very Coolma29 (9)
Thats CallousBowled Morhamen Salami2 (2)
Daffy PleasuresLBW Very Coolma6 (2)
DB AilersNot Out  14 (8)
Allbe MorgulsCt Cover Morhamen Salami0 (1)
John BothamCt Slip Morhamen Salami0 (1)
Iam PhilanderousCt Wkt Morhamen Salami0 (1)
Stale DaneCt Wkt Morhamen Salami23 (8)
Marine SnorkelCt Cover Morhamen Salami3 (5)
Overs 7.1Total 10/82

India Bowling

Morhamen Salami3.1 826
Isnt Sharper3.0 036
Very Coolma1.0 220
Fall Of Wickets