Brisbane vs Sydney Green
Played by Jimmy on 05-Jan-2016

Brisbane Batting

Games HeresonNot Out  116 (43)
Dan CatholicCt Mid Off Handy McDuck33 (9)
Nice RearsonCt Slip Guru Sander8 (4)
Crease LeanNot Out  8 (4)
Simmering Milo 
Been Chopping 
Games Hope 
Andhe Sitsoff 
Donea Victory 
Bowla Spaghetti 
Liein Dafield 
Overs 10.0Total 2/165

Sydney Green Bowling

Pats Coming1.0 019
Dirty Nanny2.0 038
Notin Thewrist1.0 021
Guru Sander2.0 139
Thats Callous1.0 014
Handy McDuck2.0 120
Hada Snowstorm1.0 014
Fall Of Wickets

Sydney Green Batting

Thats CallousBowled Liein Dafield38 (13)
My HusseyCt Mid Off Bowla Spaghetti27 (12)
Handy McDuckNot Out  63 (18)
Hada SnowstormCt Sq Leg Been Chopping17 (8)
Eerie OrganNot Out  24 (7)
Hiss Quietly 
Dats Huge 
Pats Coming 
Guru Sander 
Notin Thewrist 
Dirty Nanny 
Overs 9.4Total 3/169

Brisbane Bowling

Liein Dafield2.0 115
Bowla Spaghetti2.0 145
Donea Victory2.0 032
Been Chopping1.0 116
Crease Lean1.0 027
Games Hope1.0 014
Andhe Sitsoff0.4 020
Fall Of Wickets