Perth vs Sydney Pink
Played by dixit on 31-Dec-2015

Sydney Pink Batting

Vikki WrestlesNot Out  199 (57)
Hada BradmanCt Mid Off Thas Gonnamile114 (40)
Dixit BohraCt Wkt Hada Bog54 (16)
Moses ReeksNot Out  15 (7)
Nice Battingson 
Gnawedon Milk 
Cryin Artist 
Letit Bee 
Shear Acalf 
Seen Abutt 
Mikkel Starkers 
Overs 20.0Total 2/382

Perth Bowling

Hitta Carright4.0 058
Thas Gonnamile4.0 185
Justa Beerscoff4.0 068
Hada Bog4.0 170
Asure Turner4.0 0101
Fall Of Wickets

Perth Batting

Mighty ClangerCt Mid Wkt Shear Acalf30 (9)
Marryin ParisNot Out  216 (70)
Outof VogueNot Out  137 (41)
My Carbeer 
Ash Cigar 
Asure Turner 
Some Flightman 
Hada Bog 
Justa Beerscoff 
Hitta Carright 
Thas Gonnamile 
Overs 20.0Total 1/383

Sydney Pink Bowling

Mikkel Starkers3.0 058
Seen Abutt4.0 072
Shear Acalf4.0 165
Letit Bee4.0 086
Dixit Bohra2.0 050
Moses Reeks3.0 052
Fall Of Wickets