Bangalore vs Hyderabad
Played by Roelf on 11-Nov-2015

Hyderabad Batting

Angus FilchCt Wkt Mikkel Starkers4 (2)
Shakiras DamanCt Wkt Mikkel Starkers4 (4)
Dave CowboyCt Sq Leg Very Arid7 (6)
Lookits AruleCt Slip Mikkel Starkers1 (4)
Dunna HammyBowled Mikkel Starkers4 (2)
Venue RiotCt Cover Mikkel Starkers0 (1)
Corn HarmerCt Mid Off Very Arid14 (13)
Stale DaneCt Cover Watta Uadoin11 (8)
Aimat MycarCt Wkt Shocking Dinner4 (2)
Boowa KoomaCt Slip Shocking Dinner10 (6)
Isnt SharperNot Out  4 (2)
Overs 8.2Total 10/63

Bangalore Bowling

Mikkel Starkers3.0 518
Very Arid3.0 222
Shocking Dinner1.2 213
Watta Uadoin1.0 110
Fall Of Wickets

Bangalore Batting

DB AilersNot Out  31 (14)
Gayle ForceNot Out  34 (16)
Party Prattle 
Youvery Haha 
Virus Eccoli 
Allbe Morguls 
Watta Uadoin 
Shocking Dinner 
Mikkel Starkers 
Very Arid 
You Takeawhile 
Overs 5.0Total 0/65

Hyderabad Bowling

Stale Dane3.0 049
Aimat Mycar2.0 016
Fall Of Wickets