South Africa vs Bangladesh
Played by dmandevon on 30-Jun-2014

South Africa Batting

Graham SmithCt Mid Off Madeof Mortar172 (53)
Alviro PietersonCt Mid Off Gohuga Gazelle112 (36)
Hashim AmlaNot Out  41 (17)
Jacques KallisNot Out  58 (14)
AB De Viliers 
JP Duminy 
Faf Du Plessis 
Albie Morkel 
Iam Philander 
Dale Steyn 
Morne Morkel 
Overs 20.0Total 2/383

Bangladesh Bowling

Rooball Isagame4.0 057
Thekids A Ham4.0 067
Gohuga Gazelle3.0 157
Nosir Imsane1.0 020
Abducta Yak1.0 021
Madeof Mortar3.0 166
My Modzilla4.0 095
Fall Of Wickets

Bangladesh Batting

Time ImaballCt Cover Morne Morkel48 (14)
Animal HokeyCt Mid Off Iam Philander33 (11)
Thekids A HamCt Mid Off Iam Philander4 (3)
Moustache OnhimCt Cover Iam Philander54 (17)
Never AlambCt Cover Albie Morkel16 (4)
Nosir ImsaneCt Wkt Morne Morkel18 (10)
My ModzillaCt Wkt Iam Philander10 (4)
Gohuga GazelleCt Mid On Albie Morkel35 (16)
Madeof MortarLBW JP Duminy74 (26)
Abducta YakNot Out  13 (5)
Rooball IsagameNot Out  36 (10)
Overs 20.0Total 9/341

South Africa Bowling

Dale Steyn4.0 057
Morne Morkel4.0 284
Iam Philander4.0 457
Albie Morkel4.0 275
Jacques Kallis1.0 015
JP Duminy3.0 153
Fall Of Wickets