South Africa vs New Zealand
Played by Roelf on 15-Oct-2015

South Africa Batting

Gray SmithereensBowled Not MeMum22 (8)
Asish HamletCt Mid Off Miles Kill63 (16)
Daffy PleasuresCt Sq Leg Turn South65 (29)
DB AilersNot Out  103 (32)
Allbe MorgulsNot Out  14 (5)
Thats Callous 
Mauve Diller 
Iwanta Hear 
Iam Philanderous 
Stale Dane 
Marine Snorkel 
Overs 15.0Total 3/267

New Zealand Bowling

Turn South3.0 160
Might Lendahand2.0 030
Not MeMum1.0 118
Scarey Andsome3.0 048
Wayne Killingman1.0 017
Miles Kill2.0 140
Great Illiot3.0 054
Fall Of Wickets

New Zealand Batting

Rusty NailerCt Mid Off Marine Snorkel57 (20)
Brand MeMumCt Cover Marine Snorkel29 (10)
Wayne KillingmanCt Wkt Iam Philanderous46 (18)
Scarey AndsomeNot Out  80 (28)
Hed RatherafordCt Mid On Marine Snorkel29 (9)
Great IlliotBowled Iwanta Hear1 (2)
Antsare DevilishNot Out  7 (3)
Not MeMum 
Miles Kill 
Turn South 
Might Lendahand 
Overs 15.0Total 5/249

South Africa Bowling

Iam Philanderous3.0 162
Stale Dane3.0 042
Marine Snorkel3.0 351
Iwanta Hear3.0 135
Allbe Morguls2.0 045
Thats Callous1.0 014
Fall Of Wickets