Delhi vs Rajasthan
Played by Aryan on 12-Aug-2015

Rajasthan Batting

Wayne ShotsonCt Cover Howbad Noteam23 (12)
Astinky RainCt Wkt Thas Gonnamile1 (3)
Sonu HandsomeCt Slip Howbad Noteam34 (14)
Bred HotCt Mid Off Howbad Noteam0 (2)
Jimmy KniferCt Wkt Iwanta Hear4 (6)
Stewa BunnyLBW Howbad Noteam5 (4)
Comeon CroupierCt Wkt Howbad Noteam13 (9)
Rather BhatNot Out  5 (4)
Turn SouthCt Wkt Howbad Noteam8 (3)
Praying TombCt Slip Howbad Noteam4 (5)
Chile ConcarneCt Wkt Howbad Noteam0 (1)
Overs 10.3Total 10/97

Delhi Bowling

Morhamen Salami2.0 027
Thas Gonnamile1.0 114
Wanna Pummel1.0 015
Howbad Noteam3.3 821
Iwanta Hear3.0 120
Fall Of Wickets

Delhi Batting

K SouthafricanNot Out  60 (26)
Many AwhaleCt Slip Jimmy Knifer24 (14)
Diners KartNot Out  17 (8)
Rusty Nailer 
Keyto Heaven 
JP Doomy 
Howbad Noteam 
Wanna Pummel 
Iwanta Hear 
Thas Gonnamile 
Morhamen Salami 
Overs 8.0Total 1/101

Rajasthan Bowling

Jimmy Knifer4.0 142
Turn South4.0 059
Fall Of Wickets