England vs South Africa
Played by Ixee on 20-Jul-2015

South Africa Batting

Gray SmithereensBowled Stuart Broad2 (3)
Ali PetersBowled Jimmy Anderson1 (2)
Asish HamletCt Wkt Stuart Broad8 (4)
Thats CallousCt Slip Stuart Broad3 (4)
Daffy PleasuresLBW Stuart Broad0 (1)
DB AilersCt Wkt Jimmy Anderson2 (3)
Allbe MorgulsCt Wkt Jimmy Anderson1 (3)
John BothamCt Wkt Stuart Broad0 (2)
Iam PhilanderousCt Slip Stuart Broad0 (1)
Stale DaneBowled Stuart Broad0 (2)
Marine SnorkelNot Out  0 (0)
Overs 4.1Total 10/17

England Bowling

Jimmy Anderson2.1 38
Stuart Broad2.0 79
Fall Of Wickets

England Batting

Alistair CookNot Out  13 (6)
Alex HaylesNot Out  6 (4)
John Hicks 
Joe Root 
Jos Buttler 
Ben Stokes 
Moeen Ali 
Adil Rashid 
Martin Wood 
Stuart Broad 
Jimmy Anderson 
Overs 1.4Total 0/19

South Africa Bowling

Stale Dane1.0 08
Iam Philanderous0.4 011
Fall Of Wickets