Pakistan vs India
Played by Ali Nats on 30-Jun-2015

Pakistan Batting

Allhail ThebeerNot Out  166 (47)
Aimat YadadNot Out  104 (43)
Nosir Jamplease 
Urmas Amule 
Misand Heel Hack 
Showin Malick 
Shyand Afraid 
Hamerd Witheez 
Urmas Gud 
Binawyl Batting 
Junior Can 
Overs 15.0Total 0/270

India Bowling

Morhamen Salami3.0 051
Isnt Sharper3.0 041
Very Coolma2.0 041
Rather Awin3.0 048
Yura Singer1.0 020
Havina Gudaya1.0 017
Sureisa Pain2.0 052
Fall Of Wickets

India Batting

jamsnedNot Out  139 (48)
Shakiras DamanCt Mid Off Junior Can66 (25)
Virus EccoliNot Out  44 (17)
Yura Singer 
Sureisa Pain 
Havina Gudaya 
Myhensing Daily 
Rather Awin 
Very Coolma 
Isnt Sharper 
Morhamen Salami 
Overs 15.0Total 1/249

Pakistan Bowling

Junior Can3.0 145
Shyand Afraid1.0 020
Binawyl Batting2.0 028
Allhail Thebeer1.0 023
Urmas Gud2.0 034
Hamerd Witheez3.0 045
Showin Malick3.0 054
Fall Of Wickets