Bangalore vs Mumbai
Played by Anonymous on 30-Jun-2015

Mumbai Batting

Keyring PolkaLBW Mikkel Starkers0 (2)
Donthit YamarCt Cover Very Arid1 (3)
My HusseyCt Wkt Mikkel Starkers1 (2)
Scarey AndsomeBowled Very Arid6 (6)
Batting RaydarCt Sq Leg Very Arid0 (2)
Ididnt RateCt Wkt Very Arid0 (2)
Benda SummonsBowled Mikkel Starkers5 (3)
Hardened SingerBowled Mikkel Starkers0 (1)
Pretty CutemaNot Out  2 (2)
Justa BummerBowled Mikkel Starkers1 (2)
Praying OkkaBowled Mikkel Starkers4 (4)
Overs 4.5Total 10/20

Bangalore Bowling

Mikkel Starkers2.5 615
Very Arid2.0 45
Fall Of Wickets

Bangalore Batting

Gayle ForceNot Out  7 (4)
Virus EccoliNot Out  15 (6)
Youvery Haha 
Yura Singer 
DB Ailers 
Sandy Warrior 
You Takeawhile 
Allbe Morguls 
Mikkel Starkers 
Very Ample 
Very Arid 
Overs 1.4Total 0/22

Mumbai Bowling

Hardened Singer1.0 07
Praying Okka0.4 015
Fall Of Wickets