South Africa vs New Zealand
Played by Roelf on 15-Jun-2015

New Zealand Batting

Hed RatherafordLBW Stale Dane0 (1)
Antsare DevilishBowled Stale Dane0 (2)
Rusty NailerCt Slip Iam Philanderous15 (7)
Wayne KillingmanBowled Stale Dane6 (4)
Brand MeMumCt Sq Leg Iam Philanderous0 (1)
Scarey AndsomeCt Wkt Iam Philanderous7 (3)
Luk WroncountryCt Wkt Iam Philanderous4 (9)
Not MeMumCt Slip Iam Philanderous1 (2)
Miles KillNot Out  0 (2)
Turn SouthBowled Iam Philanderous0 (1)
Might LendahandCt Cover Iam Philanderous0 (2)
Overs 5.4Total 10/33

South Africa Bowling

Stale Dane3.0 320
Iam Philanderous2.4 713
Fall Of Wickets

South Africa Batting

DB AilersCt Wkt Turn South2 (3)
Daffy PleasuresNot Out  7 (9)
Thats CallousNot Out  28 (11)
Gray Smithereens 
Ali Peters 
Asish Hamlet 
Allbe Morguls 
Iwanta Hear 
Iam Philanderous 
Stale Dane 
Marine Snorkel 
Overs 3.5Total 1/37

New Zealand Bowling

Turn South2.0 117
Might Lendahand1.5 020
Fall Of Wickets