India vs South Africa
Played by Kuldeep puar on 06-Jun-2015

South Africa Batting

Ali PetersCt Wkt Yura Singer64 (24)
Gray SmithereensCt Mid Off Yura Singer61 (22)
Jackie CallsLBW Yura Singer2 (2)
Daffy PleasuresCt Slip Havina Gudaya15 (7)
DB AilersNot Out  50 (17)
JP DoomyNot Out  62 (18)
Allbe Morguls 
Bobbing Peters 
Iam Philanderous 
Marine Snorkel 
Stale Dane 
Overs 15.0Total 4/254

India Bowling

Ama Mishitter2.0 037
Isnt Sharper3.0 049
Umiss Yadad3.0 045
Morhamen Salami2.0 037
Havina Gudaya2.0 141
Yura Singer3.0 345
Fall Of Wickets

India Batting

Virus EccoliNot Out  118 (41)
Kuldeep puarCt Sq Leg Jackie Calls28 (11)
Yura SingerNot Out  113 (36)
Gotta Gamehere 
Sureisa Pain 
Finishes Quick 
Havina Gudaya 
Ama Mishitter 
Isnt Sharper 
Morhamen Salami 
Umiss Yadad 
Overs 14.4Total 1/259

South Africa Bowling

Iam Philanderous2.4 052
Stale Dane3.0 063
Allbe Morguls3.0 043
Marine Snorkel1.0 022
Jackie Calls3.0 154
Bobbing Peters2.0 025
Fall Of Wickets