Adelaide vs Hobart
Played by ani..... on 03-Jun-2015

Adelaide Batting

Keyring PolkaNot Out  324 (94)
John BothamNot Out  61 (26)
Rip Phillip 
Travel Ahead 
Bad Dodge 
Great Summons 
Buy Ten Hotties 
Nickel Messer 
Kay Richson 
Trench Warfare 
Been Laughin 
Overs 20.0Total 0/385

Hobart Bowling

Havea Dopey4.0 075
Comeon Boys4.0 082
You Meanie3.0 062
Been Inahouse4.0 072
Dunna Hammy3.0 056
Ever Gulping2.0 038
Fall Of Wickets

Hobart Batting

Been DunkinCt Slip Kay Richson31 (11)
All HailCt Wkt Trench Warfare2 (3)
Dim PainCt Cover Bad Dodge98 (31)
Gorge DailyCt Sq Leg Kay Richson0 (2)
Jogging WellCt Slip John Botham33 (11)
Dunna HammyCt Sq Leg Been Laughin88 (28)
Ever GulpingBowled Trench Warfare66 (23)
You MeanieLBW Been Laughin0 (1)
Been InahouseNot Out  15 (7)
Comeon BoysNot Out  16 (3)
Havea Dopey 
Overs 20.0Total 8/349

Adelaide Bowling

Been Laughin3.0 248
Trench Warfare4.0 273
Kay Richson3.0 247
Buy Ten Hotties3.0 053
Nickel Messer1.0 026
John Botham4.0 162
Bad Dodge2.0 140
Fall Of Wickets