Chennai vs Delhi
Played by akshu on 24-May-2015

Delhi Batting

yogeshCt Mid On Assista Nailer9 (7)
K SouthafricanCt Slip Assista Nailer0 (1)
Diners KartCt Mid Off Issuea Bandaid2 (6)
JP DoomyCt Cover Assista Nailer0 (2)
Keyto HeavenCt Cover Issuea Bandaid1 (4)
Manoj ThewearyCt Wkt Myhits Sharper1 (2)
Jay NeedhamCt Wkt Myhits Sharper0 (4)
Howbad NoteamCt Sq Leg Myhits Sharper0 (1)
Morhamen SalamiLBW Rather Awin1 (3)
Iwanta HearNot Out  1 (1)
Hey UracatBowled Rather Awin0 (1)
Overs 5.2Total 10/15

Chennai Bowling

Assista Nailer2.0 34
Issuea Bandaid2.0 29
Myhits Sharper1.0 32
Rather Awin0.2 20
Fall Of Wickets

Chennai Batting

meculamNot Out  5 (3)
smithCt Mid Off Iwanta Hear12 (4)
Sureisa PainNot Out  1 (1)
Brain Drama 
Daffy Pleasures 
Rather Awin 
Myhits Sharper 
Issuea Bandaid 
Assista Nailer 
Overs 1.2Total 1/18

Delhi Bowling

Iwanta Hear1.0 113
Morhamen Salami0.2 05
Fall Of Wickets