Kolkata vs Bangalore
Played by Ali on 19-May-2015

Bangalore Batting

Party PrattleCt Wkt Marine Snorkel8 (6)
You TakeawhileBowled Umiss Yadad1 (2)
Virus EccoliCt Cover Umiss Yadad0 (1)
Yura SingerCt Cover Umiss Yadad0 (1)
DB AilersCt Mid Off Marine Snorkel1 (2)
Allbe MorgulsCt Wkt Umiss Yadad11 (7)
Mikkel StarkersBowled Umiss Yadad0 (1)
Shocking DinnerCt Slip Umiss Yadad14 (10)
Youvery HahaNot Out  14 (16)
Very AridLBW Buy Ten Hotties7 (6)
Watta UadoinCt Slip Buy Ten Hotties5 (6)
Overs 9.4Total 10/61

Kolkata Bowling

Marine Snorkel3.0 228
Umiss Yadad3.0 615
Sunny Marine2.0 012
Buy Ten Hotties1.4 26
Fall Of Wickets

Kolkata Batting

Rob UtapstarBowled Mikkel Starkers9 (4)
Gotta GamehereLBW Mikkel Starkers12 (4)
Many PandasCt Wkt Mikkel Starkers0 (1)
Thekids A HamCt Cover Mikkel Starkers18 (11)
Buy Ten HottiesNot Out  11 (5)
You SuffermanCt Cover Watta Uadoin11 (7)
Sure YabraveNot Out  6 (1)
Pie Chukka 
Sunny Marine 
Marine Snorkel 
Umiss Yadad 
Overs 5.3Total 5/67

Bangalore Bowling

Watta Uadoin3.0 145
Mikkel Starkers2.3 422
Fall Of Wickets