South Africa vs Bangladesh
Played by dmandevon on 21-Jun-2014

South Africa Batting

Graham SmithCt Mid On Thekids A Ham131 (50)
Alviro PietersonCt Mid Off Rooball Isagame14 (4)
Hashim AmlaBowled My Modzilla53 (17)
Jacques KallisCt Sq Leg Madeof Mortar8 (7)
AB De ViliersCt Cover Rooball Isagame80 (28)
JP DuminyCt Slip Rooball Isagame0 (1)
Faf Du PlessisNot Out  9 (4)
Albie MorkelCt Cover Thekids A Ham8 (4)
Iam PhilanderNot Out  18 (5)
Dale Steyn 
Morne Morkel 
Overs 20.0Total 7/321

Bangladesh Bowling

Thekids A Ham4.0 271
Rooball Isagame4.0 355
Abducta Yak2.0 025
Gohuga Gazelle2.0 029
Madeof Mortar2.0 142
Nosir Imsane2.0 035
My Modzilla4.0 164
Fall Of Wickets

Bangladesh Batting

Time ImaballLBW Morne Morkel1 (2)
Animal HokeyCt Sq Leg Dale Steyn7 (3)
Thekids A HamLBW Iam Philander8 (4)
Moustache OnhimNot Out  27 (7)
Never AlambBowled Iam Philander6 (2)
Nosir ImsaneBowled Iam Philander6 (3)
My ModzillaCt Cover Morne Morkel0 (1)
Gohuga GazelleBowled Dale Steyn1 (4)
Madeof MortarCt Cover Dale Steyn8 (4)
Abducta YakLBW Morne Morkel6 (3)
Rooball IsagameCt Cover Morne Morkel0 (1)
Overs 5.4Total 10/70

South Africa Bowling

Morne Morkel2.4 433
Dale Steyn2.0 325
Iam Philander1.0 312
Fall Of Wickets